We all have that one uncle who is harmless, funny and full of laughter and love, but can also be a huge pain in the butt! Uncle No Good is our favorite uncle who one day appeared in our office and has never left. He comes and goes as he pleases, while making new friends and always showing a lighter side to things. 

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May 2015

Our High School students participated in the 10TH Aannual Youth Film Festival on Social Justice. This year's theme was 'Immigration Reform'. Thier film, 'LA Bestia' focused on the freedom train that runs from Central America to Mexico and the deadly obstacles that families face while trying to make it to the U.S. border. 

This 'stop motion' short film tells the story of two sisters trying desperately to get to the U.S. for a brighter future. Unfortunately, the situations depicted in this film are very real and result in the loss of many lives. If you would like more information about our programs, please contact us here. 


Suicide is a very troubling issue that many youth deal with while in school. Depression, Stress and Bullying often play a key role when a person makes a choice to attempt suicide. In this video, during Show and Tell, a young student explains how the actions of classmates may have contributed to the suicide of a young girl. 

Our Middle School kids created a short documentary focusing on Gun Violence. They interviewed Trauma Suregeons, mother's of murdered children and a member of the National Rifle Association.

The content of our youth films usually focus on social justice issues. Topics include Poverty, Suicide, Gang Violence, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence. Participants are required to remain in good standing academically in order to be eligible.


Their short films allow them to express themselves, share their emotions and projet their passion onto the screen, while also delivering important messages to their peers. With the growing influence of media, youth continue to invest time, energy and emotion into it, so we feel it is our duty to show them how to be responsible media consumers, positive creators of encouraging and uplifting messages through film.  


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Addiction is defined by persistent drug use despite negative consequences. In this PSA, Jeff shares his big plans on graduation day while celebrating with his girlfriend Karla. Unfortunately, addiction had them 'In It's Grip'


Our film & media efforts began in 2008 when we formed a partnership with Tribeca Film Institute out of New York. TFI is the non-profit arm of Jane Rosenthal & Robert Dinero's Tribeca Enterprises. Through Tribeca Teaches, we provide opportunities for youth to explore filmmaking through theory and practice. Filmmakers, program staff and students collaborate to design and implement the filmmaking curricula. We currently have three types of film groups.


The program provides students with an immersive opportunity, teamming up with other creative youth, learning the media-making skills to write, direct and produce films.