(Victim Services) 

With the support of California's Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board, in September of 2016 we opened our doors as a Trauma Recovery Center, serving South Los Angeles. This new initiative is in partnership with St. Francis Medical Center-Trauma Services, USC Department of Psychology, Pepperdine University,  & Journey Out.

In Southeast LA, exposure to violence, whether as a victim or observer is disproportionately higher than any other region in L.A. County. Southern California Crossroads and St. Francis Medical Center - Trauma Services work together to address critical social re-entry needs of crime victims. Our clients are victims of: Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Hate Crimes, Gun Violence, etc.


St. Francis Medical Center, (SFMC), established in 1945 is one of the largest private disproportionate share hospitals in the Nation. The 384-bed acute care hospital ranks among the top 10 hospitals service medically indigent populations in the country, and is renowned as one of the best hospitals in Los Angeles. SFMC operates the largest and busiest private emergency trauma center in the county, receiving 70,000 emergency room visits annually and treats over 2,200 trauma victims each year, approximately 40%of whom are victims of crimes such as gang violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, etc. SFMC is consistently among the top three hospitals in Los Angeles with the highest levels of penetrating wounds (gun-shot, stabbings).

Shortly after Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital’s closure in 2007, SFMC absorbed the Trauma Catchment area left by MLK Hospital, resulting in an increase of trauma patients arriving as a result of gang violence, most notably from the Watts, Compton, and Willowbrook areas. Noticing the obvious need to provide social intervention services in addition to health care, Dr. Tchaka Shepherd, Director of Trauma Services and Jerry Kozai, CEO, formed a partnership with Crossroads in an effort to be pro-active in addressing gang violence their catchment area. 


We begin by providing services while the victim is in the hospital, building critical service relationships that allow us to continue services post-hospital discharge. Our services include Clinical Case Management, Victims of Crime Application, Court Advocacy, Counseling, and Referrals.


If you would like more information or want to refer someone to us, please contact us here.